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Legal News

Court reins in SARS over seized goods
Jul 19, 2007
Author: Pre Prinsloo, Shepstone & Wylie

South African Revenue Services (SARS) may no longer drag its heels when it comes to ...
full text ]

The duty to disclose in arrest applications
Oct 24, 2006
Author: Anisa Govender, Shepstone & Wylie

Its critical to follow the courts requirements where a case requires a full and frank disclosure ...
full text ]

Arresting ships – knowing your rights
Oct 17, 2006
Author: Anisa Govender, Shepstone & Wylie Attorneys

Few realize that a bunker supplier would have a maritime claim in respect of ...
full text ]

Middle East war affects shipping
Aug 8, 2006
Author: Anisa Govender of Shepstone & Wylie

Protracted fighting in the Middle East threatens the shipping economy and should raise concerns about contracts among ship owners ...
full text ]

ILO adopts sweeping new charter for maritime sector
Feb 24, 2006
Author: ILO

This is the full text of the statement announcing the adoption of the ILO new labour standard for the maritime sector. A summary exists in our News Bulletin dated 24 February 2006
full text ]

Befriending Stowaways
Feb 2, 2006
Author: Michael Heads
P&I Associates (Pty) Ltd

The recent incident at Durban, South Africa, involving stowaways allegedly forced off a vessel in the harbour has received worldwide coverage. Here are the facts ...
full text ]

Drama in Table Bay as ship evades arrest
Aug 14, 2005
Author: SHG

Criminal charges are being formulated against the master and demise charterers of the freighter Meta as well as ...
full text ]

Speech given to ICS by Mr Bill O’Neil
Apr 20, 2005
Author: P&S

This talk was delivered by William O’Neil, former secretary-general of the IMO to the Executive Council Meeting of the ICS in Durban on 18 March 2005 ...
full text ]

Are you clear on your sale contract terms?
Feb 14, 2005
Author: Dusty Lee Donnelly
Of the legal firm Routledge Modise Moss Morris

If the letters CIF, FOB and FCA mean nothing to you the chances are that you are not involved in international trade ...
full text ]

The importance of clear contractual terms
Dec 3, 2004
Author: Dusty Donnelly, Routledge Modisse Moss Morris

Do the terms CIF, FOB and FCA means anything to you? One of the most popular topics at our seminars is the question of ownership, risk and the proper use of Inco terms ...
full text ]

Perils of the Sea
Nov 16, 2004
Author: Dusty Donnelly of Routledge Modisse Moss Morris

South Africans have become used to hearing of casualties along our coast: the Sealand Express and Jolly Rubino have become household names
full text ]

SAPO Celebrates SA Women

Changing the face of port operations ...
full text ]

Fighting the legal battles for South African Port Operations
Aug 5, 2004
Author: Lesley van Duffelen

Legal advisor to SAPO ...
full text ]

RE: Notice of bar and application to set aside an arrest
Aug 21, 2003
Author: Adams & Adams attorneys

On 12 August 2003 the High Court of South Africa, Durban and Coast Local Division, handed down judgment refusing to set aside a notice of bar
full text ]

Aug 15, 2003
Author: Quintus van der Merwe, Shepstone & Wylie

Far reaching maritime security measures are being introduced worldwide due to ...
full text ]

Sea Transport Documents Act comes into force
Jun 24, 2003
Author: P&S

The Sea Transport Documents Act that came into force on Friday has important consequences for claims under bills of lading ...
full text ]

Doyen of maritime law retires
May 5, 2003
Author: P&S

One of South Africa’s leading maritime attorneys, Roger Gifford, former chairman and senior partner at Shepstone & Wylie and former president of the Maritime Law Association, retired ...
full text ]

SA Ship Registration Act published
Apr 26, 2003
Author: P&S

The South African Ship Registration Act was published on Friday ...
full text ]

Case Report - Collisions in compulsory pilotage harbours
Dec 23, 2002
Author: Adams & Adams attorneys

This case study was first published in From the Bridge, November 2002, produced by Adams & Adams and is reproduced with permission ...
full text ]

Maritime Law Update
South Africa 2002

Sept, 2002
Professor of Shipping Law at the University of Cape Town
Director: Shepstone & Wylie 1 , Cape Town

At a different time in a different place I have spoken and written about the two industrial revolutions through which the shipping industry has passed in our own lifetimes. The container revolution of the 70’s redefined the carriage of goods by sea and by land. Today’s electronic revolution leaves us grappling with a technology that ...
full text ]